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08:58pm 20/03/2007
mood: crappy
Hello. SO I'm new but I was wondering if any of yall could help me..Ok so I'm having problems w/ my girl..I can make her orgasm when I'm on her clit, but how do I make her orgasm using my fingers (penetration) or however? I mean she loves when I get her 2 on her clit..but I don't want her 2 get bored n its bothering me i don't kno how to any other way! does any1 know??

feel free 2 message me.

02:39am 17/07/2005
  okay...im 16 years old and i just wanted to know how big a penis should be for someone my age.....PLEASE someone reply...im just curious because i dont want to feel like a fool in front of "someone"...lol...so pleaseeee reply...it would be greatly appreciatedd  
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02:31pm 12/05/2004
  Wow, is this a real ask/answer place for piercings & such??


I have 2 Frenum piercings. I got them on January 17th 2003. They are equipped with 10 Guage barbells. On the frenum that is closest to my head I have developed a Keloid. Its been there for months. About 2 weeks ago I took out my piercings for the first time since I got them. The Keloid is through the entire hole and it forms a ridge in my penis shaft. It gives me no pain, except for when I put a rubber on...but that hurts anyway...tight fucking things. It doesnt obstruct the piercing, I can take it out & put it back in with little trouble. It doesnt seem to be growing, in fact its reduced in size slightly from when I first saw it. I'm just wondering if this will cause me long term problems. I like the ridge it has formed, its the closest thing to Scarification I could get on my penis, and its better than beading...so I dont really want to get rid of it unless it will cause me problems.

Thanks for any input...
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11:30am 23/12/2003
mood: hyper

I can't get this penis out of my ear. What should I do?

Also, I'm quite dissapointed with this feminine wash, "Chicken of the Sea" it makes my chicken smell like Tuna...any suggestions?

Sorry Nome, I'm bored and you're not online. *grin*

But on a real question..

Does smoking pot make your boobs shrink? My friends and I debate this quite often and I just want your opinion.
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12:59am 12/12/2003
mood: okay
I already have names picked out if one day i ever get crabs...is that weird?
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04:13pm 09/12/2003
mood: curious
I have a little bit of a problem...

When giving my boyfriend a BJ, I seem to often scrape him with my teeth. Now, I'm no expert, so I'm hoping for find a nice answer to this question. =/

Any technique ideas, et cetera, to prevent this?
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